Overview of Azure Static Web Apps

Overview of Azure Static Web Apps


Azure Static Web Apps is a newer (2021) hosting option targeted towards statically generated websites and single page javascript applications.

Previously when deploying static or javascript single page applications (SPA) to Azure, I copied a set of static html and js files to a storage account and put a CDN in front. That set was low cost, easy to reason about and extremely fast.

The major limitation that I found with storage accounts was that I didn't get to use any of the developer - SDLC enhancements that I've grown fond of after years of deploying production workloads on Azure App Service. The App service beings deployment slots that will allow us to easily support preview or development tiers. Other benefits for us include enhanced logging and http security.

In this series I'm going to demonstrate how to setup and deploy a static site (this blog) and take advantage of some of these advanced features.


  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up the Infrastructure using Terraform