A friendly PPA agent gave me some unpleasant news today. I was respectfully loading my bike and moving it from its unobtrusive parking spot on 20th and Market when he walked by.

I’ve notices some motorcycle shaped parking spots on that corner and knew this news was coming. Turns out that if you charge 50% for motorcycle parking but put 4 bikes in a car slot you can still earn 2x in parking fees.

But you only get to make the cash if you have armies of people ‘encouraging’ riders not to park on the free abandoned lot or in alleys.


I ride for the pleasure of it as well as for the economy. I pay as much to park my car at the septa station as I do in fuel for the entire ride.

As much as I enjoy riding if I have to pay for a day of off-street parking anyway I may as well drive the car.

With winter coming I guess the PPA is doing its share. If we all abandon 2 wheels for 4 we will warm the globe and slash heating costs this winter….

Having a bike makes Philly an even better town then it already is. I can easily zip from work in center city to dinner in chinatown and then cruise home. There must a better way to preserve Philly’s growing reputation as a scooter friendly city….