I watched Michael Clayton today

George Clooney as Michael Clayton

A decent legal / espionage plot. Predictive enough. The lawyer is defending an international chemical company for years.  One day he goes off his anti-depressants and decides to champion the farmers being killed by the chemical additives. Drama ensues when the ‘fixer’ Michael Clayton is set on the case.

But the lawyer who had the breakdown was Michael’s friend, and since Mr. Clayton has a good relationship with his son, so we assume he is not wholly evil. Its a good thing we don’t live in a world with people that would allow this to happen. A quick googling shows that our government recently decided to immediately phase out a harmful pesticide (that has been in use since 1950s) by 2012.

Aaron’s improved ending: Michael takes the money at the end, leaves his stressful life behind and the movie closes with him sipping a drink on th beach.

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