My sleek mac is more like a Jaguar then a chevy.  Yes it is in the shop.

My machine and 4 of its cousins left our office last week for an undisclosed service center for an indeterminate amount of time.

I’m using a Dell laptop.  The dell hardware is really solid as is the wireless connectivity.  The operating system is windows on top of full drive encryption so the software experience leaves something to be desired.  When I unplug the wire it immediately hops onto the corporate wireless network, something the mac can’t do (yet).

My next exploration will be to figure out how to script osx such that when the ethernet is unplugged it looks for the hidden SSID of the corp wireless.

In the meantime I did get a laugh out of an NCIS rerun where Ziva plays whack-a-mole with error dialogs on her Windows PC and says," At Massad we used Mac"