I recently purchased a ‘pre-forclosure’ townhouse and it was cluttered with a serious amount of stuff.

My first thought was to rent a dumpster and hire some movers to help me empty the house.  That would have cost about $6-$700.  I’ve been seeing the 1800 Got Junk trucks around the neighborhood so I thought I’d give them a try.

The website was excellent with a design and IA that allowed me to quickly accomplish what I came there to do.  I setup an appointment for the next business day and got a price estimate.

They price by volume and supply the labor to fill it.  I estimated about 75% of a truck.

The called me about an hour before the appointment to confirm and I mentioned that I was at the property and they can come anytime.  They actually showed up about 40 minutes early and took a tour of the job.

The kids that showed up were very respectful and nice as well as clearly being experienced at what they did.  Immediately they called for backup and within about 20 minutes 5 men were expertly emptying my house.

They worked quite differently then the movers that I would have hired.  First of all they brought bags and collected all of the little items to speed their work (understandable since I’m not paying by the hour).  Anytime they came across something that may have been of value somone would bring it to my attention rather then just remove it.  They also cleaned and swept each room when they were complete.  Another interesting contrast was how they fit stuff into the truck to optimize the space without regard to breaking things.  Brought back memories of when I hired Allied to move.

Overall the job was well done and I would recommend them.  Had the selling Realtor done this before my purchase I would likely have paid an additional $10k for the place.  My cost was about 1/3 to 1/4 higher depending on alternatives, but this was definately the fastests and most stress free way to get it done.

Even booking the appointment was done on the couch during a commercial of “In Plain Sight”.