“Aaron Headshot” I’ve been excited about software since I discovered Asyst in the late 80s. In grad school, I worked in a lab and analyzed data written on paper charts. I transcribed data points into an array using a ruler and notebook and calculated Fourier transforms by hand. Finally, an older grad student took pity on me and showed me this fantastic computer that could be connected to the instruments and do in a few hours what took me weeks to do by hand!

The data went from electrical impulses in a goat to analyzed output in record time, and I never had to do math by hand since!

Since then, I’ve watched “the computer” go from my personal force multiplier to an indispensable part of most people’s lives.

While the tech world was innovating, I moved around the east coast and had a trilogy of children. I am happily married to a Philly girl and made this city my home.