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Les Held on the Today Show My father was featured on Hoda's Bucket list segment on the Today show.
Reading Exchange Mail with Java Many times I've had to sweep an inbox and do something with the email.
Practical Hypermedia for our post ORM world This post is for people who have started learning about hypermedia and feel that it over complicates the elegance of REST.
JIRA story point totals using Ruby and Rest I'm using a hosted version of JIRA and needed to obtain quick totals based on filters that I have setup.
Embracing change It's a month past due so here is my obligatory "I changed my job" post.
Crowdsourcing the arts and a misunderstood artist is seen in a new light This weekend I attended a [gallery](http://www.
Using python-dulwich to load any version of a file from a local git repo On Monday we are kicking off an innovation week (more to come on that topic) and I've devised a little project that includes nearly every buzzword I'm interested in.
the measure of Awesome Development at work has been trending well in the new year and the team is getting excited about our formal incorporation of practices such as TDD and pair programming.
OSX vs Ubuntu, Windows wins? Ever since Barcamp I've been shopping for a personal laptop for general use as well as a development machine that I could use for work.
BarCamp Philly 2010 Summary - Opendata and beyond When wrapping up the VIm talk @[trevmex](http://twitter.
Jugaad - India's Agile style I’ve been reading about India’s concept of Jugaad, possibly poised to enter our buzzword vocabulary since it came up in the context of what [Obama can learn from that country](http://www.
my Barcamp Philly 2010 summary Every year [Philly's BarCarmp](http://www.
Cianfrani Park Dog Owners don't get it After spending a day immersed in the utopian community of http://www.
PPA ending 65mpg & free parking A friendly PPA agent gave me some unpleasant news today.
Feel bad for GM, I couldn't make this up I went researching to Chevy Volt to find some facts to offset my calculator below.
ROI of MPG I've been car shopping lately and thinking about what mileage I need in the new vehicle.
Specialization is for Insects part II Came across the Heinlein quote again today: http://personalmba.
Project Management is critical for Useless projects This about this: If you have a project with an estimated cost of $1MM and you expect a return of $1.
Designing a new Infrastructure is like buying a new car Because I happen to be both buying a new car and deploying new infrastructure the realization dawned upon me about how similar these two activities are.
HOA - Case study of failed political systems I love to rant over how bad HOAs are.
Google's iterative design for search The google blog recently put up a remarkably content-free post on their product blog about how they use iterative design and usability studies to develop enhancements to their core search offering.
Insta-Tag Cloud Cute tag-cloud generator off my feed [![Wordle: Aaron's Blog](http://www.
Paper prototyping success! Over in CIM we are working on a major CMS overhaul based on Alfresco.
The Taking of Pelham 123 Taking of Pelham 123 on Fancast! I went looking for the trailer of the original Pelham 123 and was plesantly surprised to find the full lenght movie on Fancast! This was one of my favorite movies as a kid and well worth watching.
I really enjoyed Taken Just watched [Taken](http://www.
Peeling back the onion of stupidity I've mentioned the book [Adrenaline Junkies](http://www.
Just show up Sometimes the answer really isn't that hard.
coupling de-coupled CMS I'm hip deep in the design of a new CMS to power some large scale sites.
grails java.sql.SQLException: Table not found in statement [insert into I'm spinning up a new [grails](http://www.
Smartzone shortcuts I'm starting to get used to Comcast's [smartzone webmail front end](http://www.
good meal at table 31 in Philladelphia We went to Table 31 at the base of the Comcast center for dinner tonight.
Ardith learns about reducing scope So tonight my 10 year old decided that she wanted to learn flash.
first 'real' refreshPhilly event The first round of 'official' speakers set the bar pretty high for refreshPhilly.
Mummers here and abroad Philadelphia: 1, England 0 \[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="180" caption="Philly mummers"\][![Philly mummers](/assets/posts/images/180px-3161.
virus alert! While hunting online for that movie with the couple who pay thier neighbors to act normal so they can sell thier home I got redirected to this nicely done virus page.
missing my mac My sleek mac is more like a Jaguar then a chevy.
Netbeans for HTML-CSS work? Due to an unfortunate series of work related events I find myself writing php code.
Giving up on Apple (mouse) My girlfriend's mom bought her one of those inexpensive 'wireless' notebook mouses.
javaFX sneaks out the door Sun released version 1 of javaFX today - [http://www.
A House With No Front Door Keeps you off the streets I found an interesting article today.
Chef Ramsay as a model manager? I was watching [Kitchen Nightmares](http://www.
BarCampPhilly part 2 [Arpit](http://www.
BarCamp or Mac ad? Sorting through Barcamp photos.
BarCampPhilly was a success!! The [BarCamp](http://www.
will our perception of civic duties ever be the same? The vote turnout is really impressive.
best election video so far The combination of cutting edge on-demand video creation and old school guilt! Watch it [here \[caption id="attachment\_38" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="election guilt for Aaron Held"\]![election guilt for Aaron Held](/assets/posts/images/picture-2-300x209.
public takes action to stop a police beating I came across this video on a soccer/fan site and would love to know the context.
Phillies Parade! The fountain is green: [![](/assets/posts/images/green-fountain-255x300.
Accidental Obama supporter? I think I just became an Obama supporter.
"really dumb idea" or "I hope my mom does not read this" Last week I checked the weather and rode my motorcycle down to Philly with plans to ride back to Bucks County today.
Specialization is for Insects The other night we had a security issue that came up at 3am.
I just had to click this ad I had to click on this minimalist ad.
reminiscing the cache wars Recently at work people are discussing the merits of different cache servers.
1800 got Junk? I recently purchased a 'pre-forclosure' townhouse and it was cluttered with a serious amount of stuff.
the trifecta of personal projects The joys of home ownership pressing demands at work have stifled my personal innovation time.
The real meaning of agility Agility is one of the most abused terms in my profession.
Iron Man - great past the end I thoroughly enjoyed the Iron Man movie.
SpringSource - proving once again Java doesn't get the web I just read an article in a java trade mag entitled: [SpringSource CEO: "The Future of Enterprise Java is Clear and Bright"](http://java.
Rest as a boring servlet A coworker whipped up a generic REST interface for any Ruby on Rails activerecord (data model).
Motocycles and Python turn toil into joy So today started out great.
csv to xml via python Today at work our [main Flash developer](http://arpitonline.
Michael Clayton I watched [Michael Clayton](http://www.
Glock Day! What better first post for my renovated, Philly style blog, then to mention "Glock Day".
Book Signing @ Kesher Isreal I attended a book signing and talk by [Harry Boonin](http://www.