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javaFX sneaks out the door

Sun released version 1 of javaFX today – http://www.javafx.com/

Its a competitor to Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight, but based on the java developer created demos it just does not look complelling enough to matter.

Adobe had been making some great progress in the Flash virtual machine and the number of advances in Flash10 really impress the coder in me.  As a development manager I’m seeing Actionscript programmers reach an impressive level of maturity, with unit testing, automated builds and solid object design.

I’m interested enough in this to want to dig in more but no project in my queue comes to mind.  I’m only using Flash now for video players.

So for now I’m downloading this technology and looking for a problem…….

Specialization is for Insects

The other night we had a security issue that came up at 3am. Our combined response toolkit included DNS changes, akamai CDN configuration, adserver updates, javascript, HTML, and lots of good old fashioned interpersonal communication and persuasion. In these days where I’m working with dedicated ‘Javascript’ engineers that don’t read Java and operations people focused on CDN configurations that don’t know the application innards the concept of specialization is a concern.

The individual aspects of a scaled web architecture are each so complex that it is easily a full time job for a person just to keep up in one area. I’m concerned about this because as we spend more time in individual areas we focus less time on the holistic approach. This is my same concern with modern medicine.

A friend and colleage went to a back surgeon and that doctor recommended surgery.  Why?  Because surgeons do surgery.  And they are so steeped in their practice that they elevate it above other options.  Before you generalize on greedy doctors let me tell you about an ops and dev at my shop that discussed for an hour how to handle a redirect.  Ops wanted to handle it at Akamai, and the UI Dev wanted to simply throw a redirect from the template.  When I told this to a middleware engineer he said they are both daft and it should be done in the spring controller.
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